Thursday, 5 December 2013

Son : Num-Nums

Hey Dudes,

It's me, Son.

Had to share some exciting news. 

Food. Turns out it doesn't all have to be cold, smooth and goopy. Here's a list of what I like and how I like it, incase any of you decide to take me out for num-nums.

- mushed up in wheatabix : Good
- whole: Bad
- Good for ....nothing, except maybe clapping with

- mushed up in wheatabix : Bad
- whole: Good
- Good for .... distance spits

- mushed up in, or out of, wheatabix : Good
- whole: not yet. Mummy had to scoop a mouthful out for me because I couldn't do anything. Apparently I had filled my face with it in one go.
- Good for .... squishing between your fingers

Its all good

Its all good

Can I have baths in it please?

Mummy needs to work on this one. 
With pasta : bad
Without pasta: bad
Without veg : bad
With veg : good
With added tomatoe & squash : good

With cheese : Good
With bolognese : Bad
With veg : Good
With bolognese : Bad
whole : bad (these are baby pasta shapes incase any of you are wondering)
Zoom-a-Zoom'ad (this is a hand held food blitzy thingy. Actually maybe zoom-a-zooma is a more accurate name): That's pasta??
Good for ... distance spits if whole
(Seeing a pattern yet mummy???)

Good for ... tearing but not sharing


Jury is out

Good for sucking up whole 
Good for pooping out whole

Peas are the bestest.
Mushed or whole bring on the tiny green balls please

Scrambled Egg
Good for . . . distance and range spits. Mummy calls this pebble-dashing, not sure what this is. 

Uncle Jits introduced me to this. I don't think I like it much. It makes my cheeks pop and shoulders wiggle. No, I don't think I like limes. 

I gets lots of other types of num-nums but these are the ones I HAD to tell you about.

I like to pretend eat a lot and when Mummy isn't looking I turn my head to the side and spit it over my shoulder. Or hold it in my hand, open my mouth and drop it into my lap- I got out of eating a whole pear doing this last one!! 

I don't like the face wipes at the end or that Mummy makes me put on new clothes after every meal. She says if I just ate and not pretended then I wouldn't get it on my clothes. . . I am not sure. I think she's a messy feeder.

catch youse later with my next 'venture

7 1/2 months of age