Sunday, 13 May 2012

The not so many joys of selling a property- Viewers

Don't get me wrong, you clearly need viewers to inspect your pad and see whether or not they think they can live there before they spend their hard earned pennies and put an offer in.

But seriously there are some real time wasters out there.

Our first viewing was introduced to us by the estate agent with a sigh and after she had wandered around with Husband and I trying to keep thoughts of how we would respond to her offer at bay she started to ask some fairly banal questions.

After she left we were left with the distinct impression that she calls the estate agent up every time a new property appears so she can have a nosey around someone else's joint!

And she is not alone in the time wasting department.

We had another woman say with utter disgust and a hint of annoyance "I don't like storage heaters" as if we had somehow mis-led her about their very presence in the flat. They appear in the pictures of the living room and are detailed in the particulars.

We are hiding nothing lady!

Another couple didn't seem to understand that they were viewing a property in a block of flats, we are the ground floor of 3, and so there would be factoring, no garage and clearly no drying green- as it was not included in the particulars.

One couple I had very high hopes for as hey reminded me of Husband and I when we first viewed this place. It was to be our first step onto the property ladder as a couple. Mentioned that they thought they new the couple on the top floor.

Oh dear, presumably my top floor neighbours were/are as rude to them as they are to us. No please, thank you or door holding as you approach and they leave/arrive. Very awkward.

We never heard from them again.

Seriously though you cannot lie in particulars or photo shop the pictures. All you can do is make sure your property is clean, tidy and had a wash behind its ears before the photos are taken and the viewers arrive. I have done my bit and if you are viewing a flat, do your bit and read the particulars and don't be offended when you are confronted with storage heaters that are quite clearly in both the photos and the particulars.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The kindness of strangers

Tonight it was quarter past seven in the evening and I was in Aldi getting dinner.

It was wet, I had walked a mile in the pouring rain and was soaked.

Did I mention that I had done a full days work and some?

In a busy local Aldi with families filling their trollies I was there searching for something quick and easy. A pizza and a glass of wine.

An end to a long day.

Did I mention that Husband was in London ?

So I was going to be heading back to an empty flat and wet washing that needed hanging, dirty washing that needed washing and plates that needed cleaning. And that was just to keep the flat under control- its really not., its in deperate need of a good hoovering.

I prowled, grabbed my pizza and white wine and went to stand patiently in the now long queues. An elderly couple in front of me with a trolly full of shopping nudged me in front with a "Go on, you only have a couple of things, you wont take long"

I thanked them for their kindness and stood and waited. 5 minutes later the other cashier called and suggested that people at the end of the 1 queue we were all standing in to move towards her newly opened till.

Again encouraged by the elderly couple now behind me to go head and get to the other till I made a move only to be beaten there by a young family with well organised Mum in tow who on seeing me called out - "Let the lady past, she only have 2 wee things"

Two sets of strangers both showed me such kindness that I couldn't not share this with you.

Thank you to my surprising Aldi Angels who truly rescued my day.

I got the wet washing hung, the dirty washing washed and the plates are soaking. Well you can't have everything can you???