Thursday, 26 May 2011


I think I am becoming increasingly more intolerant as I get older, I just don't understand why the concept of basic manners is so difficult for people to grasp.

I always try to be considerate of others and would hope that would be reciprocated but more often than not it isn't.  I find myself fighting the urge to give these people a clip around the back of the head and from somewhere within my personal history, genes and through generations of women utter the immortal words of:

"lift your feet when you walk"


"it is not "wha?!" it is WH-AT!"

In a way that is so arresting that people pick their feet up when they walk, hold doors open, say "Please" and say "Thank You" and rediscover their manners.

Here are some of the things I wish people would do . . .
  • Hold the door open for someone when its clear they are about to go into the same room as you
  • Say Please and Thank You
  • Don't ignore someone when they are speaking to you
  • Pick your feet up when you walk
  • Park your car with consideration for other residents
  • Pick up after your dog
  • Apologise when you bump into someone

[technophobe alter- I am still trying to work out how to get images back on my blog via my mac air, in the mean time imagine a picture of a really cross lion, roaring very loudly!!]


Finally worked it out, Thank You Husband (credit where credit is due!)

Friday, 20 May 2011

Ice Cream Wars

I like ice-cream.

Husband likes ice-cream.

We are an ice-cream loving household. Next to my Husband and scallops I love Benny & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice-cream the most. . .

I decided it would be a good idea to try to make my own. I poured my way through all of my recipe books thinking that amongst the Delia's, Jamie's and others I would be able to work out the basic principles, which I did. Kind of.

I chose to make a vanilla ice-cream (Husband's favourite) and a mint chocolate ice cream (my favourite). The recipes I attempted to follow are no longer kicking around, for reasons that will become apparent shortly.

One recipe required just egg whites while the other needed just the yolks. Applying one generic theory of ice cream making here was not going to be a straight forward one. However both required to be stirred regularly to break up the ice crystals that were going to form as it set.

With the ice cream eventually in their respective tubs, I was only able to track down the lid for the Mint batch, the vanilla was lidless. This would prove to be a mistake. On the first timed alarm I enthusiastically yanked open the fridge door and pulled the drawn only to be subjected to what was effectively a custard based ice cream explosion.

Due to a lack of space I had put the vanilla in the top drawer.

When it exploded, or rather was thrown around the inside of the freezer (when I yanked the drawer open) I managed to generate a very impressive coverage. Managing to coat most of the contents of the the two lower drawers, as well as the drawer it was held in and the inside of the freezer door.

Setting instantaneously.

While that was satisfying (it having set so quickly) having to wipe it off packets of frozen mince, the floor, wall and my face was not as rewarding. There wasn't much left so I was left with the Mint ice cream

I suspect the Vanilla Ice-cream was reacting to the lack of care and attention it had received. It not having a lid this was to be its retribution.

I have another recipe which I know has had rave reviews- being well tried and tested- and will be testing it out at some point. Fingers crossed I don't end up re-decorating the kitchen again!!

I will win this ice cream war- or get fat trying.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dear Cass (1)

Dear Cass,

You are 10 years old and it is Christmas 1991. 

Your Mum is sick. Not like a bug or perforated ear drums but properly sick. And nothing you do seems to help make her feel any better. She's not interested in the toys Santa's brought you or how they work, but you can tell that she is trying to be. She's just too ill to join in and Dad's not really into playing with the toys and games either this year. 

You're not sure why, because he isn't sick.

You are scared and angry and no-one is talking about it. 

The not talking thing will become a bit of a theme as you get older. So will the anger.

This Christmas you have a question floating around your head that you don't want to voice- in case you get an answer to it. You are too busy carrying on as "normal". You are concerned that if the little ones see you freaking out it will terrify them. So instead you pretend that this is normal and try to protect them from this strange Christmas. 

This is a memory that you will have for the rest of your life. 

One of many, but the first clear one that will stick out as the years pass.

You should know that it wasn't normal, wasn't your fault and that you are not alone. Other children will have seen similar or worse by the time they hit double digits. 

That kind of thinking will get you through. A lot. Whatever you are going through, someone will be facing something far worse; so you just need to get on and make the best of it. Somehow.

You will be o.k and you are a very much loved little girl. 

(29 and 3/4 's years old)

Monday, 9 May 2011

A Whirlwind of Adventures

Husband and I have been gallivanting.

I cannot recommend it enough.

Especially when we have been trying to balance flat preparations (for sale), training (Husband to do a triatholon and wife to do a marathon) and work. Oh and one stressful and demanding job, husbands not mine. Thankfully mine is going quite well and am thoroughly enjoying heading into the office these days, long may it last.

I am conscious that my posts have been bereft of pictures and that is something I am keen to sort out. I have been upgraded. My laptop that is and I have hit a temporary technical wall in that I can't work out how to download any images from the web either. Also I have to admit that I have been a tad over zealous in my packing/flat thinning and packed my camera cable away so can't show you the fabulous pictures of our recent get aways- which deserve their own little posts and will get there, pictures included!

However here are the highlights:

Easter weekend- Aberdeenshire. I somehow feel I should leave it at that for another post. We were visiting my much younger days and it brought back a range of feelings and memories wandering around.

The Royal Wedding weekend- Anglesey, where we were wrapped up in some much needed family tender loving care- from the minute we arrived at Manchester, through to Anglesey and back again. Thank you family!

This coming weekend. It doesn't have a name - suggestions on a postcard! The plan is to meet up with some very dear friends and let the men folk go off and be manly climbing mountains etc while we relax and do very little. . . The Weekend of Bliss?!