Saturday, 24 August 2013

Son- Stuff I really like

More stuff I am discovering and some of my usual favourites!

They just cant be beaten. Still.

Amazing the noises you can make. I like to nuzzle into Mummy and Daddy and get my mouth really close to their ears before letting off a super squeak. 

Brilliant. You and chew, dribble, suck and bite all parts.

With a bit of help I can get from my back to sit and then to stand. It brings my face to knee hight which is ideal for a bit of knee sucking. 

He is really soft and holds his own blanket. I think he's lovely. He thinks I am scary but that's only because I like to eat his head. 

Nanna and Grandad
Grandad has a funny chin. It is nothing like Daddy's. It has soft, furry prickles that I can touch and stroke. 
Nanna is the cuddle-iest and but I am concerned she is part of the Sleep Ninjas. One cuddle or two with her and I drop off.

Granny and Grampa
They tell me the best stories and I have to chat back to them about all the things Mummy makes me do. Like take a bath every night. Urgh.

OK so I might not be doing it properly but I have my legs working I just need to figure out how to do my arms. Mummy laughs when she scoops me up because my nose and chin have gone pink from rubbing on the carpet. 

I dont think it is so funny.

Also not funny. Carriers good- I can see lots. Prams are rubbish and if I cry hard and long enough then I can sometimes get a carry from Mummy, Daddy or Nanna or Grandad.

Buggy Bootcamp
Good if the weather is nice and I can roll around the blanket with the other babies. Even better if I can get the Giant Tall Shouty Man to pick me up while mummy gets a red face, smelly and sweaty by running around the park. 

Bad if I have to stay in the pram.

Right, check you laters, I am off for more A-vent-oors!

Some of the things they don't tell you about babies/pregnancy/post popping

I thought I might mention a couple of things that on reflection I wasn't aware of when he made his arrival into the world 4 months ago.

Both yours and the baby.

You: The first couple require a lot of relaxing and patience and panting. Do not be alarmed. I have also since rediscovered an unappreciated love of All Bran!
Baby: Frequency, colour, consistency the works. You will talk about this for hours and days at a time with other Mums and even non Mums

Hair Loss (yours)
Every little fist full will come out with strands and strands.
My hair brush has been loaded every time I brush it.
Shampooing and Conditioning see more and more fall out.
The good news is that its not usually permanent but freaked me out on my 30(something)th birthday when I thought I'd spotted a couple of bald patches. Yes, I nearly cried but I am assured it will settle down and revert to pre pregnancy thickness. The bald patches? My overly active imagination.
We might be the only flat in Edinburgh with hair lined carpets!

If you decide to breast feed, once you know what your doing and the baby knows what its meant to be doing your are off.
I now no longer have any qualms or concerns about whipping a boob out to feed Son. Anywhere. With the exception of a swimming pool perhaps.

Top Tip- to boost confidence its handy to have some other fellow breast feeding mum to hand if you are considering the alfresco feed.

Son and I enjoyed a feed in Princess St gardens with another Mum and tot. Something I would have previously dreaded doing for fear of comments and looks. Having had the support of my friend who also had to feed her little one I now feel happy enough to do this on my own!

Oh and for as long as you are doing this forget sexy underwear. It does not exist with nursing bras, but they are roomy and comfy. So not all bad!

This will catch you unawares.
It will go everywhere.

In the very early days when Husband and I were talking about starting a family he jokingly said "are you sure, I hear they will puke in your shoes".

I have had puke in my hair, on my shoulder, down my back and arms, over my legs, on my crotch, in an armpit and, honestly, in my shoe. While my foot was in it naturally. Warm baby puke on your foot and running around your shoe.

Nothing quite like it.

Forget it.

Nursery Rhymes
It's amazing how many of these will come flooding back to you.

Screams, Shrieks and Giggles
These will come from unexpected places and for totally unknown reasons.

Son likes to smile while he makes sad noises. When you get up close his little eyes twinkle and a big smile cracks open. He is, what is referred to in parenting circles as being "at it".

He also does baby purr's where he makes a small, quiet, contended hum on the exhale.

Despite it all one tiny smile will wipe of the memory of the lack of sleep, the fact your clothes all smell of sour milk by the end of the day and at 6pm you might find yourself wondering whether or not you brushed your own teeth!

(But of course none of these are hard and fast experiences that all Mums will have/have had but they are mine!)