Monday, 17 January 2011

The Deal

I love my Husband and would do anything for him as any loving wife would! However we have our arguments as any normal couple do. . .

We have a current bone of contention which today raised its head under the banner of "can we make a deal?" On hearing this I bit my lip and in the calmest of voices said "sure, what kind of deal do you want to make?"

Him: "Do you think, given that you have a seat to drop your end of day clothes on that you could use it as opposed to the top of the wash basket? That way I can drop my dirty washing straight in there?!" (hint of frustration as he throws his shirt into the newly liberated dirty washing basket)

You would think that this is a fair and reasonable request.

And it is.

However I have tried a range of strategies to deal with Husband living out of our clean clothes washing basket. These strategies have included: asking nicely, repeatedly asking (aka nagging), shouting, pleading, crying, sulking and threatening to throw the contents out of the bedroom window onto the dog shit covered communal ground! Grrrrrr.

So I am now trialling a mimicking approach.

Me: "In the spirit of making deals do you think you could put away the contents of the clean basket that is filled with your nice clean clothes?"

. . .

He has gone out to play football.

. . .

His clean clothes are still in the basket.


  1. Why are men so biologically incapable of identifying clean clothes and putting them away?

  2. I have know idea but if someone could tell me about a tried, tested and EFFECTIVE way of getting them to do it I will name my first unborn child after them!!!