Monday, 9 May 2011

A Whirlwind of Adventures

Husband and I have been gallivanting.

I cannot recommend it enough.

Especially when we have been trying to balance flat preparations (for sale), training (Husband to do a triatholon and wife to do a marathon) and work. Oh and one stressful and demanding job, husbands not mine. Thankfully mine is going quite well and am thoroughly enjoying heading into the office these days, long may it last.

I am conscious that my posts have been bereft of pictures and that is something I am keen to sort out. I have been upgraded. My laptop that is and I have hit a temporary technical wall in that I can't work out how to download any images from the web either. Also I have to admit that I have been a tad over zealous in my packing/flat thinning and packed my camera cable away so can't show you the fabulous pictures of our recent get aways- which deserve their own little posts and will get there, pictures included!

However here are the highlights:

Easter weekend- Aberdeenshire. I somehow feel I should leave it at that for another post. We were visiting my much younger days and it brought back a range of feelings and memories wandering around.

The Royal Wedding weekend- Anglesey, where we were wrapped up in some much needed family tender loving care- from the minute we arrived at Manchester, through to Anglesey and back again. Thank you family!

This coming weekend. It doesn't have a name - suggestions on a postcard! The plan is to meet up with some very dear friends and let the men folk go off and be manly climbing mountains etc while we relax and do very little. . . The Weekend of Bliss?!

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