Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bikes + Cass = Disaster

I'd saw we were a fairly active family.

One day Husband and visiting brother in law N. took their respective wives out for a bike ride to Glen Tress.

This is a story of how myself and sister in law V. let the adventuring family side down in style.

I should point out that V. is a very fit and active person and has cycled across China and Mexico raising money for charity so she is not unfamiliar with the movement and balance required on a bike. Be that mountain, road or hybrid. 

I however to this point have my expertise areas in being able to put one foot in front of the other without falling over. Some people call this jogging, I like to think of it more as sprinting or running if I am going to be negotiated down closer to the truth!!

Anyway back to my story.

Husband and N. went venturing around Glen Tress to find a route or area that they could comfortably take their lady wives out on. Lady wives were effectively left at the children's "playground"- fine for practising our mountain biking skills.  We were getting pretty good and when the men folk came back convinced them that we were ready for the big boy bike ride routes.

Perhaps our confidence was misplaced.

We cycled up our first hill with the boys in front showing the way. At the top I said to V. " On you go, I'm going to take a bit longer to come down" The truth is I was nervous of having anyone behind me and being responsible for their coming off because I was going too slowly. 

Half way down I hear Vicky V. wail "Oh NO!" and look up, just as I am pushing off, to see her veer off the path and into a bush where she landed in a graceful heap.

I get no more than 3 feet further before shouting "forget it!" and steering the bike back up hill and jumping off- insisting that I am fine to walk down the hill.

There was a shared look of desperation between the men.

We hadn't got more than 500 yards from the children's practice area!!

We've not been back to Glen Tress since. 

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