Saturday, 24 August 2013

Son- Stuff I really like

More stuff I am discovering and some of my usual favourites!

They just cant be beaten. Still.

Amazing the noises you can make. I like to nuzzle into Mummy and Daddy and get my mouth really close to their ears before letting off a super squeak. 

Brilliant. You and chew, dribble, suck and bite all parts.

With a bit of help I can get from my back to sit and then to stand. It brings my face to knee hight which is ideal for a bit of knee sucking. 

He is really soft and holds his own blanket. I think he's lovely. He thinks I am scary but that's only because I like to eat his head. 

Nanna and Grandad
Grandad has a funny chin. It is nothing like Daddy's. It has soft, furry prickles that I can touch and stroke. 
Nanna is the cuddle-iest and but I am concerned she is part of the Sleep Ninjas. One cuddle or two with her and I drop off.

Granny and Grampa
They tell me the best stories and I have to chat back to them about all the things Mummy makes me do. Like take a bath every night. Urgh.

OK so I might not be doing it properly but I have my legs working I just need to figure out how to do my arms. Mummy laughs when she scoops me up because my nose and chin have gone pink from rubbing on the carpet. 

I dont think it is so funny.

Also not funny. Carriers good- I can see lots. Prams are rubbish and if I cry hard and long enough then I can sometimes get a carry from Mummy, Daddy or Nanna or Grandad.

Buggy Bootcamp
Good if the weather is nice and I can roll around the blanket with the other babies. Even better if I can get the Giant Tall Shouty Man to pick me up while mummy gets a red face, smelly and sweaty by running around the park. 

Bad if I have to stay in the pram.

Right, check you laters, I am off for more A-vent-oors!

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