Tuesday, 22 June 2010

YOGA - for beginners

My little sister and I went to the same university and while she was in her first year I was in my last.

As part of our 4th year my friends and I decided that to get through some of the more stressful parts of our respective courses we signed up for some yoga classes. The gym where these classes were held were less than half a mile away from our uni accommodation.

The first time we went, friends and sister, we just about got through the class. The instructor took it seriously, as you might expect. We however could barely sit still, let alone meditate for an hour without fidgiting or giggling.

In the end I couldn't make eye contact with anybody and found myself staring intently at the ceiling or the instructors face. We got through the first session and by the second we knew what was coming and agreed not to look at each other, if possible, because a shaking body in a yoga class is a giggling body- no doubt.

Towards the end of the second class I can hear this steady deep breathing. Someone has fallen asleep. Now this I have to see so I turn my head to the side and catch my sister sound asleep, totally relaxed and unconscious. And I fight the urge to wake her up before she start snoring however it appears that the instructor has spotted what has happened and is now talking loudly enough that it penetrates her dreams and she wakens. Discretely wiping a spot of sleep drool from the mat!!

My sister and I stayed in flats next to each other and after having a laugh about her power nap after the class we started to walk back to our flats.

There is a gurgle in my stomach loud enough for us both to hear it. I look at her and apologize-

"This is likely to result in a bit of a fart. Sorry"

"Don't worry mine was a quiet one"

With that we started laughing and giggling. Then more gurgling started and we decided to jog our way back to the halls. Farting and Trumping the whole way there!

There is a lot of gas apparently that has sat undisturbed in our bodies, for years, until we started stretching and flexing our way through this yoga class.

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