Thursday, 21 April 2011

The power of a Gin & Tonic

Possibly one of my favourite driks.

Next to a warming and strong Rioja *

[Imagine the sound of a Jaguar Purring. Right in your ear. ]

Tonight I got an invitation to a very special party- that would go on for more than one day. More to follow, in July (insert smiley face. BIG smiley face).

This invitation came at the end of the longest day of the longest week.

It was the best point in at least 48 hours - including a Jamirequi concert. . .

It generated the biggest smile on my wee tired corporate face.

Husband came home tonight, not to the party invite (although his is invited) but to a MASSIVELY hormonal wife.

His best course of action= a soothing cuddle and a gin and tonic.

40 minutes later it was my turn to repay the favour. As I type this I can't feel my teeth and my eye balls feel like marbles in their huge sockets.

Thank you Granny for teahing me how ro make a proper West Coast of Scotland  G&T.** . . .

I hold you responsidle, I think!

If you have decided this blog didn't make sense. It's because of the Gin and Tonic. . . v. powerful!!

[I am totally undermining this personal trainer malarkey]

* if that is spelt wrong it because of what is about to follow. Should sound like rio-ka,

** Gin with a smidgeon of tonic

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