Thursday, 16 June 2011

Some snaps

Husband and I took a trip to Jupiter Art Land, just outside Edinburgh literally a stones throw from my old home and I got a bit happy with the snappy. 

It's definitely worth a visit if your a bit of an art geek and even if you're not they have a wicked cafe and the staff are wonderful. I am not such an art geek but I like this stuff a lot!

Flowers don't answer back I think that's why I love taking pictures of them. That and they don't move much so perfect subject for an amateur photographer! Especially loved these black tulips.

 That is a drive in the between these two Jinx's . . . or is it Jinxsi when there are multiples. . .?

Husband being dwarfed by a giant orchid

 Love this one

 I call shot gun

This is the best looking Hen House going!!


  1. Never even heard of this place. We'll be visiting soon!

  2. those flowers are stunning! i want an entire room full of them!


  3. R- literally a stones through from the old family home. You should definitely take a wander but try not to be disturbed by the "Weeping Girls"!! They have an excellent kitchy silver bullet camper van they serve home made cake from- delicious

    Hey Kelly- I know, think I might have a closet addiction to tulips. There is something about the enormous head on a straight thin stalk that I quite like. A bit awkward looking but holds its own!! Holland me thinks might have to go on the destination list