Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Or Tired and Cranky Witch?!

I have been very tired of late and have taken a new approach to dealing with it. As opposed to keeping awake and keeping complaining about how tired I am; I am getting some sleeps.

Friday night was a personal best, from my head hitting the pillow at 6:30pm through until 9:30am.

14 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleeps.



Saturday was a later night making it to 11pm I slept into 10am on Sunday.  .  .

11 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleeps.

Sunday included a power nap session of 2 hours from 4pm until 6.30pm.

I am wondering just how long I could go sleeping? Days and weeks of solid and uninterrupted sleeps.

I am going to experiment this week and see if I can make it to bed for 9.30pm for 5 days running and see what effect that has on my tiredness and general disposition!!!


  1. ha! maybe your body is fighting something?


  2. Yes- awakeness I think!!

    My plan has failed miserably- I've been up till 11pm most nights so think it means I've been a cranky witch this week.