Friday, 27 September 2013

Dear Son- a landmark or two


So you are 5 months and one week old today and have struck a huge landmark. Today in fact.

OK so you're not elegant with it yet.

You're not necessarily the quickest either.

But you are crawling.

In a very determined way.

And it's exciting enough that you stop, look at me and giggle and laugh at the sense of achievement.

You are very funny. And I am very proud.

Your whole world is opening up at the moment as we start introducing you to food that is more interesting than milk.

Parsnips- No Likey
Carrots, Courgettes, Brocoli, Sweet Potato- Likey
Pear, Apple, Banana- Likey
Mango- No Likely

Perhaps what you don't appreciate is that I have been sneaking the parsnips into the carrot and sweet potatoes and you have been devouring them.

Your enthusiasm for it is fantastic and really encouraging. You grab the spoon with both hands, drag its contents off before I can get it to your mouth and spend a good 5 minutes sucking a licking every finger and nook and crany on your hands. The only problem is that in your excitement you have inhaled brocoli and despite my best efforts to clear your nose it took a sneezing fit to dislodge some of the more lodged bits!

I can happily report that both of us end up covered in your breakfast and dinner. On a regular basis, but its a lot of fun, watching you work out whether you like it or not.

As for baths and swimming I think you have discovered splashing and attack the water with such force that when it hits you it the face it momentarily stops you in your tracks.

As for the sleep ninja's they are still on the radar but happily you are fighting them during the night and your Daddy and I are still to discover what a full nights sleep looks like since you arrived in our lives.


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