Monday, 24 February 2014

Have I done it all now? (As a Mummy that is)

I will confess- this is a gross story but one I feel I have to share.

At NCT there is a decent amount of promotion of Nappy Free time. I think there is some sense in this particularly if you have been through a couple of days of nappy rash.

Which we have been. So, taking great care on Son's not so peachy cheeks there have been very frequent nappy changes (some which I am sure haven't even been dirtied), dropping the wipes in favour of cotton wool, water and tissue drying, total intolerance of the application of sudo-creme on Sons part (fair enough) and some nappy free time.

This worked well when he was little and not much of a mover. These days he can cover a respectable distance quickly crawling. . .

We've had the odd accident which has been easily cleaned up and not so noticeable on the cream carpet. We're talking number 1's.

Today my luck had run out with nappy free time.

He pooped.

On my cream carpet.

Well, not even mine. My land lords.

Well I could only react in one way.


Thats right today I scooped up warm poop, ran across our flat and flicked/threw/dropped it into the loo.

Not once, not twice but THREE times.

Poor Son. He was so confused by my antics that he crawled after me, crying, leaving just enough on his heel to require being plonked into an empty bath tub and being hosed down.

Wee lamb was not amused.

Thankfully the carpet shows no signs of our nappy free time.

More thankfully the nappy rash has receded!

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  1. Oh Cass, if it helps, this does happen to everyone!