Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Cross Stitch Challenge

 When I was younger about 12/13 years old I used to do cross striches.  There is something quite satisfying about the pattern and texture I think that pleased my inner OCD streak. Well having finished the MSc this year I thought with my life back I could see how I get on with it.

So a bit of on-line retail therapy I came across a website dealing in cross stiches of various sizes and patterns so I got two. One about the size of the palm of my hand . . . I've not loaded any pictures of Scruffy the puppy because, well I got board.

When I showed The Husband by two purchases he raised one eye brow, paused and threw down a challenge. £100 if by 2012 I have finished T.B.O. (The Big One). That would be this one:

Coutresy of me

I quite like a challenge and looking at this you might also think that my Husbands money is safe. Well, so do I but I am not going to admit it least of all to The Husband.

So one month later and this is my progress. Just so you are aware here is the comparison with the gauntlet. . .

Courtesy of me

Yes that is a standard biro pen in between the design and my month one progress shot. I will randomly post another progress shot in a couple of months. Hopefully I'll have the daning couple done and filled in!!
The challenge I actually have is finding the time and not ruining my eye sight at such a young and fragile age of 29 years. 

The challenge my Husband has taken on this year has been to build his own road bike. I thought I was quite quick with my thinking- the more he spends on his bike the more I get to spend on myself. Thankfully he didn't change the terms of our cross stitch challenge, otherwise he'd be getting my £10.00. . .

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  1. hahah I was thinking of taking up cross stitch again just last week. Used to do it a lot when I was younger. I was trying to come up with a hobby for while I was watching tv but not spending my life on the computer - to help my eye sight but yea very detailed work probably isn't the best option.
    Good luck with T.B.O - is it £100 or £10.00?