Thursday, 14 October 2010

A random day in the life of me

Hmm really struggling with getting back into the swing of this blogging malarkey. . . so thought I would tell you about my day today.

Husband had a stupidly early flight to London. When I say stupidly early I mean it. 6:30am. Which meant getting up at 5am. Yes, that's right folks 5am.

So I decided to piggy back on this early morning kick start and headed with him to the airport- to go to the gym. I was so early that I had to wait outside with 5 or 6 other sleepy looking gym members. 6k later, a lot sweaty grunting sit ups later and I decided to call it quits and head to the pool. For a sauna and steam. All before 8am. . .

At my desk for half past 8 I figured the safest thing to do would be coffee and a bacon roll. Well 6k is worthy of a bacon roll, and no I wont be judged on this one people. I got up at 5am this morning!! If you thought my day was going to go down hill at the alarm going off at 5am then this for me was the breaking point.

My purse was not in my hand bag. It was sitting on my microwave behind a cookie tub (or more specifically an empty crackers box that we're using to store our cookies in- ahh the life of a moderate environmentalist - perhaps more mentalist than environmental!). Great. I was going to starve. Not only had I run and sweated (a lot- I am not a pretty sight in the gym as my sister in law can confirm) I had also dehydrated myself with a 10 minute sit in a steam room. The very thought of not having a coffee and, a by now much longed for, bacon roll, was making me feel like passing out.

Then I remembered my stash of emergency locker money. £4.00 worth sitting innocently in my gym bag. I made it to 5pm with bus money, a fete practically unheard of in my particular office block with its over priced canteen. Truly a Thursday miracle.

I then headed for the safety of the flat. Only to grab my purse and head back out to grab some Presseco and icing sugar. I've been working on some cupcakes. . . they needed to be iced tonight. Because the Presseco and cupcakes would be heading to Stirling as part of a girls night. The cupcakes look good, really good. I'll have to blog about them soon. . .

Oh and husband, he is still in London. At a concert and wont be back until tomorrow, I am not going to see him until I get back from Stirling later tomorrow night. So this evening it's a glass of wine, a slice of pizza and you- my anonymous blog readers . . . a happy end to my rather random and uneventful day.

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