Monday, 25 October 2010

Touch Me

As it seems to have turned to that time of the year already I thought you might like to read about what happened to me this time last year.

I like to treat myself as it hits autumn to a nice new pair of cosy jammies. The weather is cold, its dark and miserable and snuggling up in some nice jammies when the weather has turned is perfect. Last year was no exception and off to Marks I went the day after payday. They had quite a lot to offer: different lengths, different patterns and different materials. Spoiled!

I opted for ones which were so soft that they had a sticker boasting the fact: "Touch Me"!

The next day at work, in a black dress, I was in the canteen getting a coffee when there was a hesitant tap on my shoulder. It was one of the catering ladies. . .

"Excuse me, but I think you have a sticker on your dress"

Yes, not just any sticker but the black sticker with "Touch Me" emblazoned on it with in white writing on the back of my dress. I was mortified. I had walked from my desk, across the office and across the canteen with possibly one of the most inappropriate statements I could. Talk about breaches of dignity at work!

I am not sure how or when the sticker transferred from the PJ bottoms to the dress but The Husband assures me that it was nothing to do with him. Although he, along with my work mates, had a good laugh at another classic Cass moment!

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  1. Mortified! Love this story still makes me chuckle - bless the canteen lady for telling you, I wonder how long your colleagues would have left you like that? Does make me crave a set of cozy jammies especially given the fact that it is BALTIC at the moment!