Tuesday, 2 August 2011

It is your birthday my dear.

And you are very dear.

Especially to me.

And to my family.

They always ask me how you are. You are an extension. You are another sister.

You are exactly 17 days older than me and I like to think that technically, though not biologically, makes you my older sister. Which means that I can behave like a younger and more care-free sister. Not a luxury I take for granted by the way.

We have know each other for many years and you have been my best and dearest friend.

I have and am always very proud and honoured to be your friend. Your fiesty loyalty and quick wit keep me grounded. You wouldn't let me feel sorry for myself because I think you know somehow for both of us its not the way we operate!! 

You have been silent when I have poured my heart out. When I have been afraid to open up at vulnerable times you have found a way to reassure me that it is o.k to talk.

In doing so you have helped to give me courage where I wasn't sure I would be able to find it for myself.

Thank you.

We have know each other for 12 years and here is to many, many more. So embrace this birthday and the next and the one after that. Because that just means plenty more time and fun for us to have together as we get all old and wrinkly.

Here is to my best friend- HAPPY BIRTHDAY


  1. Happy birthday Cass's best friend :)

  2. Aww, is that for me? Or do you have another friend who coincidently happens to have had a birthday?

    Thank you! Nearly your turn.