Friday, 12 August 2011

Little B & Mummy L

Little B,

You are now a wife and while your still Lil Sis I am renaming you in honour of your new title. Thank you for picking a fabulous brother for me and Mummy L.

Mummy L,

You too are getting a new name. While you're still Littlest Sis you're also now a Mummy and a fabulous one at that. Although I secretly can't wait to hear what your "Mum" voice sounds like - although I doubt your going to have to use it much.

My niece is a saint. In fairness she's not really in a position at her age to get up to much beyond the baby vom and dirty nappies but I am sure it is all to come!!

So here is to new names, new chapters and new acts



  1. Can't believe littlest sis is a mum. Little sis made the most beautiful bride. Looking forward to new acts and new chapters.

  2. New babies and new brothers are lovely :)

  3. Same chaos though ladies!!

    Somehow during her two week trip my little niece didn't once fill a nappy for me to deal with- think she knows I am not quite equipped to deal with that kind of non-sense!!