Sunday, 8 January 2012

The differences between Men & Women - baths

I have commented previously about some of the domestic differences me and Husband have. I think this could fundamentally lie in our gender.

How foolish that it has taken me this long to realise it?!

Today, Sunday, we went on a nice long walk. All wrapped up and discussing our plans for the future with the more immediate plans for a hot bath when we got back in. These were made even better because I would have a hot bath first while The Husband prepared our dinner and after a munch of food he's get to have the left over hot water.

We're economical like that!

When it comes to out bathing styles, here is where the first gender difference might lie. I can soak for easily up to an hour on my own. Reading a book, supping a glass of cold white wine or just lieing listening to the sounds of husband cooking dinner.

Husband. Totally different story. I will almost always hear a long drawn out wail of:

" will you come and talk to me???????"

If I didn't come through and talk to him he would be out of that tub pretty much as soon as he considered his entire body wet. I think this could be a man definition of what a bath is: I am horizontal and soaked and not in a swimming pool therefor I have finished with my bath.

The second difference is our exit. Husband regularly finished his bath with a pointed demonstration to me on how it is possible to get out of a bath with minimal drippage. His fundamental complaint about my long luxurious bathing is that afterward the tile floor is "soaked".

In my defence I don't think it is...

                                                                                                                        . . . at all!


  1. Hahaha, husband and I are the other way round. He could lie in the bath forever. I manage 20 mins at most and then get bored.

  2. I think he'd like a right of reply on this one - apparently I make such a song and dance about having a bath that when it comes to it I can't be bothered.

    Which is kind of true once I say "I think I might have a bath tonight" I never seem to get round to it!!

  3. Funny, husband and I both enjoy really long baths. We've got into the habit of taking our laptops into the bathroom and watching tv (keeping the electrics away from the water as much as possible). We usually fight over who's turn it is to have a bath that night.