Sunday, 24 June 2012

A cosy cuddle

I have recently become an aunty for the 2nd time to Mummy L.

Little Ella arrived slightly ahead of schedule but her cute wee button nose and lovely copper locks are now safely snuggled up in with Mummy, Daddy and Big Sister Lilly.

I am in the process of making a welcome gift of a receiving blanket which I hope to send across with my cousin who is visiting in a couple of weeks.

The inspiration of this has come from this fantastic web site. Which has a huge host of different and wonderful ideas for gifts for your loved ones. I highly recommend a visit if you are at all inclined to make a gift rather than buy a gift.

Anyway I plundered John Lewis for the necessary tools- a crochet hook, some midnight blue wool and some white fleece. In doing so I cannot stress enough just how fantastic the customer service of the ladies in the haberdashery section of the Edinburgh John Lewis were. Given it was a busy Saturday morning and I was showing them my plans on a phone they were patient, friendly and did not once suggest that perhaps life would be easier if I just bought something rather than going down the home crafting route!

In making this I have had to teach myself how to crochet and while it is not the most perfect looking finish I think it is pretty neat and tidy given it is my first ever crochet project.

My next plans are to embroider something, to be decided, in the corner. It's a very plan blanket and needs a little something to give it some colour and interest.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!

Thoughts so far include

  • a few hearts in different colours and sizes (satin stitch)
  • one larger butterfly, profiled, with a brightly coloured wing. 

Hopefully it will make the journey and provide a nice cosy long distance cuddle for my niece.


  1. It's lovely! Crocheting is HARD to begin with. I had to get my sister the pro to help me after several failed attempts!

    I vote for a butterfly. Butterflies are lovely. I do think hears could be cute too though!

  2. Thanks- will plunder google images for some inspiration!

  3. I think balloons might be the way forward- cant get those too wrong!!