Saturday, 30 June 2012

An argument between a Husband and a Wife (by text)

So on occasion I have to travel to London for my J.O.B and while in the past this has been no big deal because I have had someone who knows the way.

The last two visits I have had to navigate my way from London City airport into the City City bit itself. My geography isn't exactly the strongest and I hate how busy and claustrophobic the tube gets- stressful!

Anyway the first time I forgot to "tap" out of London city so I miraculously appeared in the middle of London and vanished pretty much emptying the money on the card because it though I was trying to blag the system. Husband was not a happy man as pennies that had been loaded had been frivolously wasted.

On the second trip I made a real conscious effort to "tap" the oyster card on every entry and exit in the airport. Seriously if there were gates it would be fool proof.

What follows is a text argument between Husband and me on the tapping incident of my latest visit. I am at the airport furious with myself waiting to go to the gate and hanging around waiting to board the plane.

(Probably worth pointing out that this is an argument and there are a few sweary words)

Tapped out however wasn't sure I heard the beep so tapped again. 
Saw the word "entry" and thought crap it thinks i have tapped in 
again. So I tapped out again and again it said "entry" so I can only 
hope that it picked it up the first time. I will pay to get the card 
topped up properly if I have fucked this up with a phantom in and 
out at City! SORRY I really tapped in and out like I was meant to.

I cant keep adding money to it from my card. Its not fucking hard

Don't add money to it from your card. I tapped left, right and centre 
like fucking Gene Kelly. If we had separate accounts I'd do it 
from my own but we don't so I'll do it from ours. I did my bloody 
best and I'm sorry of an extra in and out at city has gone through. 


Your are forgived

Have a good flight

Husband clearly prepared to leave this discussion for when I get back to Edinburgh

Promise I did my best 

Its easy - tap in ONCE tap out ONCE

Look at the screen and you wont go wrong

I am annoyed by this because that is exactly what I did and don't think Husband understand the situation so I decide to spell it out.

And if there is no corresponding beep then what?

You can load it online so maybe you do that with your card

And if it says "entry" when you re-tap then what?

The screen would have said and there is a kiosk to help

Then you missed tapping in at the start of your journey

I definitely tapped in and definitely heard the beep on arrival. 
Was very careful to make sure that happened - its where I 
fucked up the last time!!

I don't know what you want me to say...I can use the card 
no problem 

Husband clearly loosing the will to live with Wife. Wife now pissed off that Husband thinks she cant do the simplest thing. And annoyed with herself for cocking up the simplest thing.

Your wife must just be an idiot then despite tapping all over 
the place like she was supposed to.

Dont say anything just remember that you forgive me xx

Just about to leave see you soon xx

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  1. Everyone has these arguments, ours are about the way to get to something (Dave always assumes he knows more than I do and completely ignores me, and I am often right).

    Did he forgive you?