Sunday, 5 August 2012

Busy little home-bee

O.K so I've not blogged in a while but have been a picture of domestic bliss...

Tonight I made Jam- Rhubarb & Blackcurrant.

I would like to point out that in order to make jam you need to boil sugar to 104 degrees c. and not burn yourself.

Jam making 101: Do not burn yourself.*

* you might remember I am a bit high risk when it comes to scalds and the like!

One of the guys in our team at work brought in a bag of rhubarb and it was turning fast so on a visit to Craigies (highly recommended) we also picked up some blackberries and logged on to their website to visit their jam recipes.

What it turns out you need to do is to match your fruit with Jam Sugar, which I found in a local high street supermarket.

Drop the fruit, sugar and lemon juice into the pot one night and boil the crap out of it the next night. A handy jam thermometer makes all the difference.

This was the result  ....

Notice the coffee graduals in the tupperware in the container to the right- oh yes I had to use literally every available container including the 1litre Mackies ice-cream tub.

I am happy to report that it tastes like jam, but not sure I am ready to enter the world Jam Making competition in August.

In amongst my Jam making I have rediscovered my long forgotten love of embroidery.

I finished Ella Bean's blanket with balloons and that seemed to open the flood gates.

I am making a second blanket to welcome a new baby that is due in January. It'll make an appearance in due course!!

For a bit of fun I am taking my inspiration from this thank you card we got from Lil B and her husband at their wedding

It's just finished yet and I don't think its too untidy so perhaps I might get it framed as a gift. 

In the mean time I have been practising more satin stitch, french knots and split stitch with this little Daisy and Bee.
On closer inspection you can see the french notes more easily in this earlier picture

Right I now have 3 blankets to get some materials for, decide on the design and actually make them. One at lest before the 18th of October so it can be given in good time for the new arrival. Better get started...

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