Monday, 3 June 2013

Mummy Madness

It has been a long time since I blogged - not sure if any of you will remember this little slice of crazy but she's still here and its just gotten a bit more crazy.

I am officially a Mummy.

I am 6 weeks and counting into Motherhood and the steepest learning curve I could have ever anticipated. Although perhaps I am more like 9 months and 6 weeks plus into this adventure.

He is possibly the most handsome little man ever created to grace the streets of Edinburgh.


Both Husband and I have been on some intense experiences from the day one. Its a real rollercoaster but we are truely loving it - despite signing myself up as Mummy Sabbator, but more of that later.

I am fast getting used to being puked on. Keeping my hair tied up and out of range, having the washing machine on permanently to keep my bras clean, having warm baby puke run down my cleavage. . .

If I have no dignity then neither does my son. I will happily pick him up and sniff his bum and am getting crafty at peaking into the side of his nappy to establish whether it needs changing without stripping him down.

I am loving the return of those forbidden fruits. More specifically wine, cheese and runny eggs.

It is on this last note that I would not have gotten through these early weeks without the support, encouragement or shared mania of my Runny Eggers aka the NCT group who have the misfortune of having me in their collective.

Husband has been Phenomenol throughout it all. The pregnancy, the NCT classes, the labour, the child birth, the recovery and these early weeks as we find our feet. Son regularly likes to change the rules and keep us on our toes - I wouldnt have the sanity to do it if it weren't for Husband.

I cant promise the following blog updates will make much sense or even have decent spelling but what I am fast discovering is that spelling doesn't really matter as long as the point your attempting to make is coherent. . .  in fairness the spelling issue might make this difficult!

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