Thursday, 10 October 2013

The administering of medicine - Bad Mummy Style

So, a couple of you might have already heard this but when I told a friend what my sleep deprived family got up to the other night she said straight away that this was to be shared with you all. I dedicate this one to you Mrs B.

As I write this I am half way through a glass of much needed wine. You see we are going through teething. By "we" this pain is being shared across us all- it's not exclusive to Son. And no matter how many times I whisper into his ear, over rocking cuddles, that "once they are through, they'll be through and it'll all be over". I don't know what comfort this is giving him. We both feel pretty helpless as he wakes in the middle of the night in pain.

Which he did last night.

So up leapt Husband and up leapt Wife as if the bed were on fire to see what had happened to Son. I set about soothing and cuddling while Husband gets the calpol. One measure was all we needed to get past this lips. That's 2.5ml. not much I'm sure you'll agree however his head shaking and crying sees him knock a good chunk of it off the spoon, over the side of his face, on the carpet and over Husbands hand.

So how do we get the remainder into him?

a. Do we use a syringe?

b. Do we coat a dummy?

c. Do we mix it with a bit of milk?

d. Do we run it down my boob towards his mouth as he's feeding in the hope that it somehow makes its way into his mouth??

Why d. of course.

What?! (luncay) I hear you cry. Well, the alternatives didn't occur to us until we'd committed to coating both my boob and Sons face with calpol.

As he falls asleep later on having been soothed to sleep by my warmth, some suspiciously calpolly tasting milk and shear exhaustion I am hit by the realisation that in the morning I am going to be looking a a baby version of Paul Hollywood - with a little fluffy like goatee courtesy of his bed sheet and me with my own fluffy boob.

Ahh the joys, pass the wine Husband.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA. Amazing. Sneakier than any of the other options too. As long as it worked, I reckon any plan is a good plan.