Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Smug vs Bad Mummy Moment

Some Mummies are smug and some Mummies know it all. I am neither but would like to think I am honest about my good and bad Mummy moments.

Today Bad Mummy (me- BM) and Smug Mummy (shall remain nameless-SM) had, in hindsight, quite a funny exchange at our fitness class. . .

SM: My other half is away tonight, so I am definitely treating myself with a pizza. I've earned some carbs after this class.

BM: Oh, we're in a similar position tonight except I am going to treat myself to a glass of wine.

The memory of hourly wake ups the night before still fresh in my mind. SM looks at me like I am some kind of lush.

BM: Once he has gone down of course.

SM looks at me some more, as if I have suggested that I intend to teach Son how to throw knives at the tender age of 6 months.

She has clearly decided I am some sort of degenerate of a mother, so takes a different approach.

SM: Hubert* is now in his second out fit of the day.

BM: Me too! As long as he is clean and dry we can probably see 2/3 changes of clothes based on how meal times have gone.

BM clearly thinking I had redeemed myself. 
SM clearly thinking BM was redeemable then says the following.

SM (leaning over like we're best buds): Of course, you know its a bad day when you have had to change your outfit as well.

BM: I am well past that. I'll keep wearing what I started the day out in regardless of the amount of puke I get thrown at me.

SM: Yes, but wait until you are on solids. Then the puke really does smell like puke.

BM: Yes. We are and it does. And I am well past changing my clothes throughout the day to try and keep up.

SM reverts back to her original look of disgust at the mention of my having a glass of wine and I can virtually hear her thinking "what is the phone number for social services? This child needs rescuing"

Needless to say we were not (and I suspect chose not) to be paired up on any of our joint exercises!

* not his real name

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