Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Wandering Breast Pads

Pre-Son (a distant memory now) my boobs were just there. Nothing to shout about or advertise or fiddle with or adjust.

Now they are functional and require maintenance.

And I find myself adjusting them in any old place- the bus, the middle of a shop, mid conversation. Any old place, any old time. I have lost any sense of dignity around "My Girls". Pre-Son I would never have dreamed of naming my boobs.

You see as part of breast feeding I find myself wearing re-usable breast pads to avoid any embarrassing marks appearing on my top. Instead I have swapped embarrassing marks for embarrassing bra/boob adjustments.

Why and how these pads are roaming around my bra is a mystery.

There is no fixture between the pad and the bra, something a friend has listened to me bemoan for a couple of weeks now, and try to come up with some ideas on fixing. Which have included the following:

- velcro
     This clearly has nipple related agony written all over it if you get in wrong in terms of reveal/disguise pre and post feed!
- loops and hooks
      The nobly nature of these attachments would simply draw far more attention to the nipple area than any woman I know would ever want to do. Plus and excessive amount of faffing pre and post feed.

 (Note- between the pad and bra and not the pad and boob)

Any solution would still require an ability to get easy and quick access to a boob for the obvious feeding requirements.

Why these pads are wandering around I have no idea. Perhaps they are lonely and need to confer with each other about the state of current affairs.

Which leads me onto the other lament I have shared with BF'ing Mum friends; is that nursing bras are dull. There is no other way to describe it but soft cotton, bubble gum grey, white or black is not inspiring. The best ones I have come across are M&S and have a splash of colour and even lace.

It is just a shame that at least once a week Son manages a well targeted puke down the centre of my now ample cleavage, sending the bra (along with top) into the wash. Consequently they are fast losing they're suggestion of sexiness!

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