Thursday, 27 June 2013

From a Mother to a Son (1)

Dear Son,

You have no idea how you have fundamentally changed two lives so dramatically.

Your primary means of communication seems to be screaming and crying, such noise to come from such a small body, its incredible!

Your Daddy and Mummy are completely in love with you and how quickly you are getting to grips with how to wrap us around your little delicate finger to your every whim.

Today you are 9 weeks and 5 days old.

You are flirting with all the ladies- but only occasionally with your Mummy- and have made lots of baby friends who it seems you are starting to recognise and are making new gurgles and giggles and squeaks and shrieks at. And them with you!

Its the most beautiful thing to watch.

When you fall asleep in my arms my heart over flows at those long peaceful lashes and I marvel that you are here at all.

What is it you dream of baby boy? When you whimper and cry or a slow steady smile creeps across that innocent face.

You have fought for space in me and while this meant a week in hospital on pain relief for me you won.

And when it came to making your arrival you took your own sweet time.

12 days late and 25 hours worth of co-operation between us and the wonderful team at Edinburgh Royal to get you here. And boy did you make your arrival known- a broken collar bone, through no choice of any of us (the Edinburgh team, me, your Daddy or you) and a couple of nights in Baby Spa. Or as it is known to the experts - High Dependency.

Your farts are something else though.

Where is this coming from?! Your timing is to the highest of comedic standards- for example very loudly during a seriously sad and momentous moment in Baby Cinema movie which even made Mummy's friend laugh because it was so loud. She made no comment about the smell that slowly arose from your peachy wee bum moments later, but I am sure a wee tear appeared in the corner of her eye (possibly not laughter related).

There is not one thing your Daddy and I wont do for you; to keep you safe and secure and happy, so that you grow into a confident young man that makes us proud every day and is a joy for us and others to know...  you might be there already.

We will do this every day of your life little one. This will not change, I promise. We will always be there for you.

You are my angel.

Love Always
Your Mummy

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