Monday, 3 June 2013

The Adventures of Son

I am 6 weeks old.

I love sleeping on my Nanna and getting fed and cuddles from my Great Faither*.

I love surprising Mummy and Daddy with poops. I like to hang onto the poos and unleash them when they least suspect.

Feeding is one of my favourite things. I like to see how stretchy Mummies nipples are by my throwing my head back and keeping hold of her nipple. She is always talking about nipple-etti-ket. No idea what that is all about?!

I hate wind. It is rough. Burping is awful, I have to scream and cry - I think it helps the bubbles come out. My Mummy and Daddy would like to track down the creator of it and kill them. In many creative ways. 

Mummy and I are into Baby Sabbotage. When there are older babies in the vicinity (several months not weeks) I like to act up and to be super baby. The older ones sometimes get the grumps because their Mummies are so taken by my tiny-ness. Occasionally Mummy says I ruin it when I start to scream/cry.

I love to make noise. As I've gotten bigger and older I can reach different ranges. Mummy says that I sound like a cross between Mariah Carey and the lead singer of a thrash metal type of band. Daddy is going to get some ear plugs so that he can cuddle, soothe and bounce me into sleep without feeling like an inmate at Guttanamo Bay. That sounds like a beach. But even when I sleep I like to make sure that Mummy and Daddy know I am there so I purr. I like to be a little ball of noise. 

Sometimes I like silence. It gets Mummy and Daddy to me super quick. Daddy says he can put Usain Bolt to shame.

I hate the Sleeps. They try to sneak up on me like evil ninjas and so if I scream and cry and go rigid then they can be fought off. Only for a wee while... they are still defeating me. Which is annoying. I think Mummy and Daddy are on their side though because of the shushing, bouncing and rocking they do while I am doing battle. Its really undermining. I hate them for it too. Although I dont hate Nanna, she can do it all day long I feel all nice and warm and cuddly and safe and then I forget to fight the Sleeps. 

Swinging and throwing my legs and arms around is ace. During a feed (they are so often that we don't really have a breakfast, lunch or dinner- its more like constant nipple time according to Mummy) I like to see if I can swing my top leg onto her arm so I throw it around, it helps with the nipple thing I mentioned earlier in feeding.

I've been really rocking to the 2 hour cycle thing but now I feel like mixing it up and tonight I have been sleeps for 3 hours now- Mummy has been busy blogging. Mummy knows a feed is due. She doesn't know when but it is due soon. 

Because its night I will go from sleeps to screams with some degree of warning. During the day though I like to go from sleeps to screams with zero warning. It keeps her on her toes, she needs that especially on distrupted sleeps. Will she go to bed or wait up. . . 

There are loads of other things I enjoy but I am going to have to wait to see what they are ... I am only 6 weeks old after all!

* My Mummies Grampa, or Gramps, was called Faither by her Mummy, to that end he is now a Great Faither.  My Nanna is my Daddy's Mummy and her Husband is my Grand-Dad. Mummies Granny is also my Granny, at 80 (plus, shhh) she doesnt feel old enough to be a Great Granny so is happy to stick at Granny. Follow all that??

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